The World of Adelheid
Screenshot_20171118-152127.pngPhotograph by me, artwork by Charlie Bowater.

Welcome to my very first blog post on this website.

As written in the “About” section on this page my name is Heidi Brynildsen, and I am an Norwegian artist and eager reader. At the moment my favorite genre to read is Young Adult with a mix of New Adult for good measure. For my art I prefer fantasy related themes, but I am constantly trying new things and mixing in other styles to help me improve.

On this blog you will find posts about books, reviews, my own stories, thoughts, and of course art. I am more than open to suggestions about what to write about as the time goes on, so if you’d like, please drop a comment on my posts or by going to the “Contact” section to write me an e-mail.

Every Tuesday there will be a blog post about general themes surrounding books and daily life, and on Saturdays I will let you into a piece of my mind by posting parts of my own story. Constructive critique and comments are more than welcome here as well.

Otherwise, reviews of books I like and somewhat dislike will be posted more randomly as I do not read on a set schedule. If I am not busy creating art, you can find me with my nose deeply buried in a book.

Happy reading, I truly hope you will enjoy the contents of my world.

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