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Book review – Distant Light by Chloe Adler

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Distant Light is a paranormal, urban fantasy reverse harem series, and it is the first in the Tales From the Edge series, released 9th of November 2017.

Before I continue I would like to inform that the harem-theme in this book does not reflect my daily life opinions, views, or wishes. I merely enjoy reading about worlds outside of my own reality, as an escape from daily life and the issues that comes with it.

For those not knowing what a reverse harem is; it is a genre in manga and anime where a girl is liked and approached by a bunch of guys who all find her to their liking. Often, she is fought over, but in western literature is not uncommon that the girl now finds all the men intriguing and get into a shared relationship with all of them, in which they all agree to the arrangement.

Iphigenia Holt is a good little witch who grew up under the thumb of a wicked mother and two powerful sisters. Pegged as a caretaker, Iphi hides a secret that would change the way everyone around her views her: she’s an empath. And yet she doesn’t let that stand in her way. A soaring circus performer with a fierce love for animals and the downtrodden, Iphi tumbles her way through life, hiding the hurt just being around others can inflict… Shortly after the story begins Iphi is attacked by a rogue vampire, and while her male protectors are determined to get this treat out of the way, Iphi sense something in him and decides to solve the issue her way.

While there is not much world building and character depth in books like these, I found Distant Light to be my favorite reverse harem book so far. It contains what other stories in the genre often lack, a proper storyline not involving the heroine getting sex as often as possible by different males. In Distant Light Iphi is not jumping on them at the first opportunity, but she takes her time getting to know them, and she’s battling her confusion about why she finds herself wanting all of them, realizing this is not what others consider normal behavior.

It drew me in and kept my attention all the way through. Iphi disregards her own feelings and tries to do her best for everyone around her, making them like her. She even lets her own mother walk all over her, keeping her on a tight leash, even if it hurts her deeply.

For the longest of time she has done her best for everyone else, but her façade is starting to shatter when she gets to know the different males in this story. After spending her entire life being the good girl, she is tired and wants to do what is best for her for a change, and what I truly like is that she does this without letting go of her values and care for others. She even proves this when she is attacked.

I found out there is a series of 4 books in this series named Love on the Edge, which all takes place before this one. I guess I read it in the wrong order, oops, but I purchased the other 4 books yesterday and I’m ready to continue the adventure in this world.

Just so you guys know, series like these sometimes have different main characters in each book that binds the world and the overall story together. It really threw me off at first, but now I am used to it, and the Love on the Edge series have a different main character for each book.

If you want to try something new, I recommend Distant Light as a first read, even if it’s not the first book in this world. It contains a proper storyline, interesting concept about a world where the supernatural is no secret even for humans, a believable main character I think we all can relate at least a little bit to, males that encourage her personality and loves her for it, action and suspense around her attacker, and of course sexual attraction and romance.

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

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