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While nothing can really compare to the old-fashioned books you can touch and stack around in your Livingroom, Kindle also has its highly practical uses. In this blog entry I discuss my own points of view on the pros and cons with both books and Kindle, and hopefully some of you can add your own thoughts in the comment section. I would absolutely love to hear what you think, what you prefer, and why you like or dislike one or both mediums.

When it comes to shopping, a lot of us are concerned about the cost of the products we’d like to buy, we like to find the cheapest option. If you prefer cheaper products and don’t really care about displaying your books, then I would say Kindle is the perfect option for you.

I paid about 1300 NOK (160 USD) for mine, and while this might sound expensive at first, remember that this is a one-time purchase. In the Kindle Store, books are usually cheap, even new titles, and they are yours at the click of a button. There is no need to get out of your house to track down the book you’d like to read.

The books I read cost between 8 NOK (1 USD) and 97 NOK (12 USD). Once I bought the entire series of Throne of Glass, containing 5 books at the time, for 340 NOK (41 USD).

Real books can often cost 400 NOK (49 USD) each, here in Norway at least, depending on author and which store you buy from. If you are so lucky to prefer the genres of Fantasy or Young Adult in English, you can get a hold of cheap books at Outland. However, even they rarely match the Kindle Store prices.

What I truly like about purchasing books, is that I can sample them first through the Kindle. If I love the book, I can buy myself a nice Hardcover copy to display on my shelf at home. This way I stay clear of purchasing books I don’t really like, and I can end up saving a lot of money, all the while my favorite titles are beautifully displayed for all the guests I usually don’t ever have over.

For decoration though, real books are the obvious choice as I sort of stated above. There are not many options on how to decorate your home with a tiny piece of rectangle. Besides, having my books around me makes me feel calmer. There is relaxing to know that an entire world is between each cover on my shelf. When I want to escape reality, which happens daily, I pick down a book and bury myself within its pages. Cuddling down in a blanket, with my cat on the lap, the biggest glass possible of chocolate milk, and a book is really one of the best feelings.

If you leave your house a lot for either work, or traveling in general, then I like both books and Kindle, depending on how long you will be gone. If you are going to work and want to bring along something to read in your break, then one book won’t matter much in terms of carrying.

For vacations or longer travels where dragging along a ton of different books might become an issue, then Kindle is the best. You wouldn’t want to spend all your luggage weight on books, so you wouldn’t be able to buy books to bring back home, would you?

In August I went to Finland with the love of my life, his brother, and his uncle. He convinced me to purchase a Kindle before we went, and I, ever the skeptic, went along and bought it. Without it I would have died on this trip, because I sometimes find myself to read 5+ books a week, which I also did this week.

It would be quite impossible for me to choose the one over the other, seeing as both adds value to my daily reading experience. Usually I find myself switching between real books and Kindle if I’m tired of staring at a screen, or not being able to lay comfortably down sideways with a book. It all depends on my mood, really.

Now, please tell me about your experiences with both books and Kindle! You might think of something I have not mentioned, or even thought about myself, and knowing what others think is always exciting!

Happy reading!

2 Replies to “Real Books & Kindle”

  1. I love the real books. I think it is way more pleasant to read. Sometimes I read from the iPad and it is practical. Especially because English is not my first language so I just select the word when I don’t know and see the definition 😃😃


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