The World of Adelheid


That night sleep did not come easy, and once it did she tossed and turned as nightmarish memories occupied her dreams. Memories she more than once had tried to forget, without success. Her eyelids flickered while her claws dug deep into the mattress. Sweat ran down her unclothed body and her expression was tense from what could either be agony or anger – feelings she was more familiar with than she cared to admit.
Her own shrill shriek tore through the night, making even nature shiver away from her dying soul. Flames licked their way over her naked legs and caressed her hips and belly. They kissed their way up towards her breasts and neck, tearing her apart bit by bit. Piece by piece. Pain made her vision blur from tears, and a heartbreaking sob escaped her lips. Smoke found its way down her throat, slowly choking her. Gasping for air was no point. Death was coming, but it took its sweet time, savoring every moment of her suffering.
The shape of her lover was no longer visible through the black smoke, and the screams from her peers had long died with them. She was alone, and her lover could not save her anymore. Another sob broke from her, and her knees started to give in, leaving her tied up arms to crack when they bent the wrong way. Never had she thought this would be the way she died, alone and broken to a thousand pieces of ashes, with her peers’ shattered bodies outside the flames. Killed by humans, all of them.
As she was about to give in to death, something flickered deep inside her, and she felt something fall apart in the darkest parts of her core, rendering her emotionless. It was as if the world suddenly stood still, leaving her able to look at the scene in front her with clear eyes. The flames slowed down, the wind stilled, the yelling voices of the human men were no more than a mere whisper, and she was in the center of it all. It all surrounded her, and her alone.
Her eyes found the man she loved in the crowd of dozens of armed men, and she drew her first proper breath since this night had begun. It filled her burned lungs with fresh and soothing air, making her sigh from pleasure. The stars far above drew her gaze to them, giving her mind and body strength to do what had to be done. With a wicked grin she tore her arms free from the ropes that held her, and she straightened her naked and burnt body, stretching it to get her joints back into place. When she took the first step out of the fire, it all erupted around her, and she threw out her arms to draw it all in.
Shouts of victory turned to screams of fear in an instant, and she slammed her palms together, causing the flames to roar and engulf the human men in an inferno. Death had indeed come this night, but not for her after all. She had taken the scythe from deaths grip, refusing to let him take her, and together they would wreak destruction onto mankind. Her wicked grin turned bigger as she walked alongside the flames. They kept on caressing her, but not to hurt, to tend her broken skin. She was indestructible, she was a god among ants, and she would show no mercy.
By sheer will she sent the roaring flames for those who ran, not bothering about who or what they torched on the way. She laughed, a twisted and evil laugh, that made those who heard it shiver deep into their very souls. While she walked, her broken body mended itself, leaving her unhurt, but not without scars. She could see trails from where the flames had burned her, and she loved it. Proof she could not be killed by mere men.
“Morgan, stop this!” her lover shouted at her over the sound of utter chaos. “Please, don’t do this!”
Her red eyes found his golden brown, and he pleaded her to stop what she had started, without daring to step closer to her flames. Her teeth clenched together so hard they started to crack. Why did mankind have to ruin everything they touched? Emotions began coming back to her as she gazed into her lover’s eyes. Aching spread from her wounded heart, and nothing could stop it from doing so. It melted into anger, leaving no place for pain because hate shredded her core.
A scream built up in her chest and she heaved for breath. Humans, they deserved to die, all of them. Even him, her wonderful lover, who was a human man. She parted her lips, unable to control the rage, and she let her scream shake the earth beneath her as she released the power of hell onto everything surrounding her.  It spared nothing in its wake, except for her, a god among ants.
Morgan’s eyes flew open and she sat up in the bed, breathing heavily, her heart pounding in her chest. Her eyes instantly found her bare legs and the faded burn-marks dancing over them. Grief filled her very being, the scars being the only physical memory she had left of that night. Everything else was long lost. For the most part she wanted to forget that night, but then again, she was glad she had the eternal reminder that would not let her memories vanish.
“Go away,” she hissed at the aching feeling in her heart. “You do not belong there anymore.”
It dared not stay and faded away into emptiness. With trembling hands, she collected her hair into a bun, getting it away from her sweaty body. With a sigh she stood from the bed and walked into the bathroom for a night bath.


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