The World of Adelheid

Warning! This blog entry contains spoilers of each book I mention. If you do not want to get spoiled of the experience of reading the story yourself, please do not continue.

Picking out my top 3 favorite males from my reading list proved to be quite difficult to be honest. I tried to avoid bringing forth characters by the same author, but I failed, and I am going to talk about 2 characters from Sarah J. Maas’ books.
Let’s be honest, the lady is awesome at what she does, and I truly want others to pick up her books, so they can see for themselves just how amazing her stories are.

What all the males I am going to talk about have in common is that the romance to their significant other was a slow burning romance. They all took their time to get to know each other, which left a great deal of tension between the characters. I found it to be realistic compared to the typical instantly love theme a lot of books have.
These characters get to know their partner through thick and thin, good and bad, and at the end… after going through a whole lot of c*** to be together, they still choose each other.

Number 1: Rhysand

103458d8f83d033a9a9d532f9268d9d0My absolute favorite book boyfriend is from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. From the very beginning he knows Feyre is beautiful both in looks and personality, and even when he plays the bad guy through book 1 he shows sides of himself that makes us believe he cares.
Compared to Tamlin, who manipulates and forces her down, Rhysand always lift Feyre up, and he supports her in every decision she makes, even when he might not agree.
While he is worried about her safety, he never wants her to sit by like a trophy wife. With his whole being, he thinks of her as his equal, and he makes sure she knows after everything she’s been through.
When she refuses to back down from battle, he and his brothers in arms start to train her in the art of combat, and he even trust her with a life or death mission alongside Amren.

Artwork by Charlie Bowater.

Number 2: Rowan

8eb3d58422b6b8f656ce7b0a977c828cMy second favorite is from the A Throne of Glass series also by Sarah J. Maas. It took a bit long for him to come into the story, but once he did everything turned a lot more interesting.
He is involuntary appointed to train Aelin in the art of magic and combat, because even if she is powerful, her powers are undisciplined, and this can lead to her accidentally killing herself and a lot of innocents.
From the start he is harsh and extremely cold towards her, which results in her spirit being thoroughly broken. Once he realizes his mistakes his mood and attitude start to change, and he makes up for what he has done by training her properly, and becoming her friend. Through their friendship he comes to care for her, but his past traumas are confusing him, keeping him from approaching her. Due to this he admires her and learns to know all sides of her, he comes to love every part of her broken and damaged soul.

Artwork by Meabhd.

Number 3: Jericho Barrons

FEVER___JerichoMacLast, but not least, we have Jericho Barrons from the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. While this is not a relationship I would like to experience myself, because I need more cuddling and affection, I can’t deny that he and MacKayla are great together.
From the beginning he is aware that MacKayla won’t be able to handle him. Their difference in power and experience is way too great. His response to this issue is to take her in to help her become stronger, to get her closer to his level, so they can be equals.
While he is distant and sometimes degrades her, he always protects her, and more than once he saves her life. When something happens to her he goes out of his way to make sure she survives, even if she is suspicious of him and takes a long time to trust him.

Art by Mathia Arkoniel

Do you have a favorite book boyfriend? Do you agree or disagree with my opinions? I would love to hear about it in the comment section, so please leave a message telling me about it.

I hope you enjoyed the read!

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