The World of Adelheid

Don’t we all wish for that one thing we can never get? More time. I hear a lot of people telling me they would love to read more books, but they just can’t seem to find the time for it.

Therefore, I am sharing my 5 tips which might can help you to read more in your daily life. I’m not saying this will help for everyone seeing we are all leading various kinds of lives, but this has helped me out when I am just too stressed out about not being able to read.

  1. Read before bed, or instead of browsing your phone

This has been a game-changer for me through the past years. Instead of browsing my phone, or watching TV, I simply lay down on the couch next to my boyfriend and read for everything between 15 minutes to 1 hour before I go to sleep.

Not only does this let me read more, I also find myself to fall asleep much easier. Reading allows my brain to relax before bed, causing my day to end in a highly pleasant way.

It’s also a fantastic way to replace that tedious habit of scrolling through your Facebook-feed for 15 minutes, reloading the page every other minute to check if something new has happened. Read instead.

  1. Read while you are traveling

If you are like me and use public transportation, then reading is a terrific way to pass the time. This not only allows me to get a bit of reading done, I also get to relax a bit and forget the world around me before reaching my destination.

  1. Waiting for an appointment, or for a friend?

You guessed right; read! Waiting for your doctor or dentist, or for your eternally late friend can be a tedious part of your day, so why not bring along a book? We all have that time during our day we’ve named “dead-time”, and I find this time to be perfect for some reading. The time passes a little bit faster, and waiting doesn’t seem so boring after all.

  1. Use your lunch break differently

I am one of those highly unsocial people who like to spend my lunch alone with a book, and this too get my reading progress a little bit ahead, depending on how long my lunch is. Reading while eating lunch is also cozy, just don’t get your pages all greased up!

This might not be for you depending on what kind of job you have, sometimes it might not be too appreciated to hide away instead of chatting with your coworkers. However, if no one minds, go read.

  1. Get yourself a Kindle, or a reading app for your phone or iPad

Bringing along a physical book can be a problem if you don’t like to carry too much with you. Then I recommend buying a Kindle, seeing as it’s not big or heavy at all, or to get yourself a reading app on your phone or iPad. This will make it a lot easier to follow all my tips above, books are often a whole lot cheaper, and you get to carry around your library in your pocket!

I wrote a blog entry about books & Kindle a few weeks back if you want to check it out:

My favorite app to use is the Amazon Kindle app, because not only will it let you buy cheap books, it’s also a full-fledged Kindle on its own. If I for some reason has left my Kindle at home, I just open my phone, and my entire library is there, ready to be read.

I hope this entry was of use to you. What kind of reading tips do you recommend? I would love to hear about it in the comment section.

 Thank you so much for reading, see you again next week!

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