The World of Adelheid

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful time through the holidays. At least I have, I spent it along with my boyfriend’s family a few towns over, and we got to bring along our cat.

I am sorry for not keeping up to my schedule to post every Tuesday. There’s been a few things in my life that’s been draining my energy by a lot, but I do hope to get back on track from now on!

January will be my last month of working at the shop I am currently at. I am so excited for what is going to happen after I am done there, but I won’t talk too much about it just yet.

What I am going to talk about, however, is how I came to love reading. This will be my positive start on the new year, and I would also like to hear about how you yourself stumbled into reading, and how you got stuck there. There’s always so many stories to share!

So, let’s start! When I was a kid I struggled to learn how to read for a long time, I was among the last in my class to learn how to, and if I remember correctly it finally happened during second grade.

Once the eternal and somewhat embarrassing struggle was over, my mom bough me a comic book named W.I.T.C.H. I am sure quite a few of you have heard about it. It came out once a month, and I couldn’t wait for the novel issues to be released so I could savor it all. I was in awe over this fantastical world, it was amazing to think that it all was contained between the pages of a cover. From here on and out, my interest in fantasy worlds was branded onto my mind.

Then came Harry Potter, and I fell in love with this universe. I remember the anticipation for every new book J. K. Rowling wrote. To me and thousands of others, she could not write fast enough.

When Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released, I waited so eagerly for it when we opened gifts on Christmas. It turned out it wasn’t there, and like the ungrateful little piece of sh** I was, I started crying. I was heartbroken, but lucky for me, my parents had hidden it away and wanted to see how happy I got after being disappointed so severely! Pure evil and torture if you ask me, but my Christmas was saved, and I immediately started reading it.

What truly kept me going on the reading was the anticipation of discovering new worlds within all the books. When a story I love ends, I start the chase to find another one, and it never gets boring. Of course, I stumble upon books I probably could have done good without reading, but then again, it’s an experience, and it is exciting. They say that those who read lives a thousand lives, and I must admit that it does feel like it sometimes. Especially when I find those books I immerse myself into. Seeing the characters through their eyes, and to see their thoughts makes it easier to picture to their world, and more than once have I found myself wishing to see it for myself, in person.

So, I think there’s a limit to how much I can talk about this subject, but as I mentioned I would love to hear your own stories! What kind of book made you become a reader?

Thank you so much for reading, see you next time!

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