The World of Adelheid

Illustrations – Anthro & Human art

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I draw Anthropomorphic and humanized art on a regular basis, both SFW and NSFW. The style I prefer is suggestive Pin Ups, and I often do commissions in this type of category.

Currently my gallery will be sort of empty, as I am building it up from the bottom. For the longest of time I took a break from digital art in favor of practicing my tattooist skills, but now that I am taking a break from tattooing I am focusing on my digital art.

Not all characters seen in this gallery is owned by me. They are either gifts for friends, art trades I’ve done, or commissioned pieces in which I’ve been paid for. If you wonder if I can do a commission for you, please look to the ‘Commission’ page in the menu.

Do not copy, edit, or trace any of the works present. All rights reserved.

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